We design and install fountain and aerator systems for bodies of water in golf courses, parkland or leisure applications. Keeping water aerated is vital in ensuring a healthy ecosystem and preventing stagnation.

Pond Assessment

We supply cost effective, energy efficient, and reliable Aerating Fountains and underwater Diffuser Units.  TSPI will assist in determining the best Aerating Fountain or Pond Aerator for your specific situation. We consider the total area of the pond and the desired outcome, whether purely aeration or with an emphasis on a decorative solution, such as fountain height and type.


Aeration can be achieved through the infusion of air into the bottom of the lake or pond by surface agitation from a fountain or spray-like device. This allows oxygen exchange at the surface, and the release of noxious gasses. If your pond is stocked with fish – aeration is essential to support animal and plant life.


The design process begins with an assessment of existing conditions such as water quality, shape and size and desired results. A system is then designed to address the specific conditions that exist in the pond or reservoir. Our aerators are designed to improve water quality in large bodies of water and are engineered for maximum efficiency.