We offer a full installation service and can supply a complex design package using an irrigation consultancy, which provides the client with a detailed specification for site conditions and water usage. Our complete solutions include pumps, underground piping, high quality sprinkler heads and complete control systems. We can tailor a system to suit specific ground conditions.

A Typical System

A typical watering package will consist of a pump and controls, pipework and fittings, manifold with solenoid valves, pop-up sprinkler units and water storage tanks. A new system can be designed with efficiencies to drastically reduce wasted water and energy costs. Even replacing an outdated booster
pump can improve system efficiency.


In Ireland, the benefits include the ability to maintain fairway and green quality over a critical dry period, and to target individual areas of the course. Other benefits include the ability to plan and monitor water usage over specific periods, design rainwater recycling into the system and preserve soil structure and nutrients.


We meet with the client to define the requirements and then evaluate the site.  We work closely with Rain Bird, Toro and Hunter design consultants to come up with a cost effective and efficient solution based on our evaluation and the specific client requirements.