We design full irrigation systems for new Golf installations, Sports & Leisure, Horse Gallops and Arenas, Fountains and Aeration and Private and Institutional irrigation applications. We also upgrade and repair outdated systems, and advise on all aspects of water efficiency and design.


Detailed Proposals

As part of all new projects, TS Pumps & Irrigation create a detailed Proposal Document for our clients, which defines all technical aspects of the proposed system. In addition this document will have a detailed job costing to define the individual elements and their associated costs.

Pump Selection

One of the most important aspects of an irrigation system is the correct specification of pumps and water storage. The availability, quality and quantity of water available on site is one of the primary concerns. We assess the most suitable source whether overground spring, bore hole or mains. We specify and use the most efficient and economical pumping stations to each individual site.